RD (06-03-1987 / Sirohi, Rajasthan, India)


IIT BOMBAY,06.06.2007.....It has been a tiring time for the sports enthusiasts relentlessly striving for the esteemed sports general championship to come back to HOSTEL3....crossy has always been the weaker part of H3 juntaa....n to boost them up something more than fundaes are required....battles are won in mind first and then on the battle field....to install this feeling is a challenge but alas! poets are meant for producing wonders......

One step, two steps
And hundreds more to follow;
The world looks a track now
Round and round and hollow.

Voices to sprint, cries of cheers
Pushes me in front;
My eyes are sharp as ever
Though my hopes are rather blunt.

My legs argue with my mind
Heart is in an unknown fix;
My throat craves for water now
Brain is looking for tricks.

An unknown voice rules me over
'Only two more curves to go';
My feet hear it loud and clear
Again they move on, steady and slow.

But my strength don't last too long
I begin losing my breath;
My limbs go still, eyes shut down
Am I nearing my death? ?

I fall down exasperated; gasping
My face kissing the ground;
I hear footsteps nearby
Teasing me with a mocking sound.

I lift my spirit, gather my soul
Wipe my face and soil tanned skin;
Get up again, muttering to myself
'Come on H3, you gotta win'......

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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