A Lonely Heart

So many memories leave me
Wondering what to do
I've left the pain in the past now,
Still my thoughts return to you
A past I won't hold onto
A future, I cannot see
When your heart is lost or lonely,
Do you ever think about me?
Why, I often wonder,
after all that we've been through,
Should I give up now?
When my heart still belongs to you.
A comfortable feeling,
To never be alone
Someone who understands you
A hand within your own
A lonely heart still beats,
As a broken one does, too
A heart that loves, never forgets,
As mine holds onto you.


Comments (5)

Well, if she's that shallow then she'll soon get sick of the motorcycle helmet messing up her hair, so don't sweat it! A really enjoyable write Jake, wry, bittersweet and touching. Hugs Anna xxx
awww! you are my latest husband now. cuz i love your poems so much. you're really helping me understand the male species. and hey, i think its cute when guys have a baby seat in their car. don't feel sad. :) babies are the best way to strike up a conversation with someone. seriously.
really vivid, honest pictures, Jake, held my acute interest all the way through.
I enjoyed this poem, Jake. You expressed the feelings that I've felt as well as I slid into married life and relative conformity.
Catch that wave Jake...and ride it for all your worth. Kenneth