Love Requires Some Lower Expectations

She is a lovely girl turned woman
Beautiful inside and curved outside
Like the hood ornament on a 1953 Buick
She loves to give chocolates and flowers
To perspective lovers and their mothers
She buys cards for orphans and the elderly
Visits the hospitals and nursing homes
Still she sits alone most every night for dinner
In a candlelit room with a sad song playing
On the stereo as she sips her wine
And wonders when she'll find her one true lover
She is kind to a fault with perfect smiles so bright
Yet she spends too much time crying in her sleep
She is a lovely girl turned woman
In search of her perfect man
Now that her Daddy is dead.....

by Ted Sheridan

Comments (3)

I suppose we all attack better and superior things and people in our jealousy, lose emphatically, and then attempt to save face by claiming a victory when the reality is that we are charred and blackened in defeat. If we claim that black is white, then we can claim that defeat is victory by the same topsy-turvy logic. I do it all the time! There's perhaps a little bit of Crow in all of us.
I think it's not necessary to read so deeply into this poem, to understand its profoundness. Crow could be transformed from white to black, and defeated absolutely, and this would not defeat its pride. It may well be about pride in his heart, as much as pride in anybody's heart. A crow can symbolize many things, dark, as it is. But a fallen crow, is darkest.
difficult poem, perhaps it's about that crow in his heart. Uday