AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )


Caw Caw said the Crow
flapping his wings
his shadow sketched upon the snow

Caw Caw spoke he bravely:
a warriors song no mortal knows

Caw Caw said he to the sun:
guide me, sister, safely along

Caw Caw said the valiant soul
flapping his wings
stirring 'round dead'nd leaves
spoiled beneath the withered cedar

Caw Caw said the Crow
making wind as he goes

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Comments (3)

hmmm, Dickenson comes to mind. this is certainly the more playful pieces of your work. a light poem with just a slight underscore of the melancholy. nicely done. Jake
As ever, very beautiful, Amberlee.
a nod to Ted Hughes? a very relaxing piece, Amberlee. I particularly liked the fourth verse.