KP (04-11-62 / Orlando, Florida)


The most when i feel alone
Is always when i'm not
Crowded stores and crowds outdoors
The bigger the crowd the loneliness is fought

So what has caused this loneliness to set in
And to whom or what can i blame
Maybe crowds keep my heart never to mend
Leaving me hopeless forever without change

I'm not familiar with myself from the inside out
For it has always been very clear
To capture love for myself
My flesh runs the show of my being here

So here i bloom for a short hour unseen
Drinking my milk all up
With no root in this land to keep my branches green
I will end up standing in a bare cup!

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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Hi. I read your poem. Well written and nicely expressed thoughts... Well I too most of the time feel alone among the crowd. This feeling is expressed in my poem 'A Man Walks'. I sometimes feel sad even when all people are happy (in a wedding for example) . This being different might be a sort of gift we have... I think people are not the way they are meant to be. Everyone is busy with mundane life and they pay less attention to others. It makes people a type of misanthropists... I'd be glad to know your comments on my works. Good luck.