(11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)

Crown Of Thorns For A King

Melvin Banggollay

A man who spoke of things never seen
to save the kingdom he had redeemed
upon his death on the cross of men's sin
was given a crown of thorns for a king.

Yet with humility, he took without complain
the killing pains of saving us for our gain
Even He felt deep inside unbearable pain
that no man can ever carry such desdain.

He took the burden to save us from sin
To fulfill what had been written before Him
from the holy scriptures about a Holy King
that will save the world from any suffering.

Yet as he prayed in His desire to regain
Every soul that turned away from God's plain
As blood falls from all over his body with pain
Men of sin rejoice and sing again and again.

Lord, I wish to have been born on your time
That I could have shared with you not just wine
to ease your pain but my whole body and mind
to help you carry the load of saving mankind.

I thank you Lord for saving us from death of sin
For carrying the burden we deserved to gain
But with thy everlasting love shed for all men
Sinners like me will now have life in heaven
For you have ransomed us from that burden.


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