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Crown Of Thorns
TT (August 17,1988 / Boston, Ma)

Crown Of Thorns

Poem By timelia tison

I am drawn to her.
Obsession has taken full Force.
And in the night I
Creep through the rooms,
Searching for that careless Soul.
But I don’t find her;
I never do.
I look through the pictures;
Tracing her tormented life that’s related to my own.
Hoping that one-day she’ll give
Me the answer.
No number to call.
No address to write.
I’ve lost her.
I need to be cured,
Without her I am no one.
I carry no love around her;
Only my heart and friendship that has been given to everyone.
She’s selfish.
In her golden chair
She curses anyone who disagrees with her.
I am not drawn to her.
I am disgust by her beauty.
Foolish girl in love with what she can’t have.
She envies me.

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That was really AWESOME! AJ