Crows Are Very Clever Birds

Crows are very clever birds as some scientists tell us so
And you will not find a smarter bird than your average black crow
To their advantage they can use tools where some species of birds cannot live they thrive
And despite what some may think of them they know how to survive.

Some people who live near their roosting trees do not like the noise they make
In the twilight of the evening and in the morning at daybreak
But crows generally do a good job dead animals they eat
And nothing worse in the suburbs than the stench of rotting meat.

It has been said that a crow will tell the other crows where dead animals can be found
And crows arrive at a road-side kill from many miles around
For to do what Nature means them for to do and that is strip the carcase bare
For to remove the risk of disease spread by flies and purify the air.

Crows are very clever birds and they can live for twenty years or more
And one can see them miles from anywhere or on the sea-shore
Or in the suburbs or rural towns and villages quite adaptable one might say
They are familiar to us all as we see them every day.

by Francis Duggan

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