Crows are not good at singing caw caw is their only song
But those who say quite ugly birds have surely got it wrong
Their feathers dark and glossy have got a lustrous sheen
And they are very pretty birds when in the sunlight seen,
Crows are very clever birds despite what some do say
They are good at surviving in their own crow like way
They hide food from their neighbour crows to serve them in times of need
Few species of crow endangered for they are a hardy breed
Out of breeding Season they live in flocks and as darkness cloaks the sky
The air is full of their loud caws as to their roosting trees they fly,
Quite common in country Town parks and in the Countryside
They are known as sedentary birds though their range is far and wide
In different sorts of climates corvids are known to thrive
They may not be good at singing but they know how to survive.

by Francis Duggan

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