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EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)


Poem By Eman Awad

I know a guy who loved from all his heart,
he saw her an angel and drowned in her eyes.
And he settled for any given start,
he saw her as his heaven and no otherwise.
She left all that for a much lower things,
any thing which is never better than this at all.
He spend nights fighting the pain that brings,
he felt crucified and rapped off his own soul.
That guy experienced pain but that other guy,
had his home destroyed and his family all killed.
He was broken, feeling the agony of goodbye,
that guy is over, his life can never get re-filled.
And a guy or a woman who got crucified,
when they were trying to fight for a right or so.
What's that to some tears i've cried,
and who are they to some lier i couldn't let go.
I got crucified settling for much lower things,
and i felt so weak seeing the agony of wars.
A fading echo for a lost song he sings,
fighting for some right, knocking on heaven's doors.
And i thought it over, what's the greatest pain,
is it the pain of goodbye in it's different ways?
Or is it being under an act just in the name,
of love but it's injust and it has been always.
That woman who got divorced after many years,
in a marrige that shouldn't have lasted a week.
All the dispair and the pain and the fears,
but still she's under the thumb, still very weak.
And i was weak till i was betrayed,
i felt that kindness has no place in this world.
So many night i prayed,
for him to love me and what a foolish girl? ?
He deserves to be crucified,
and with all the others judged for all that he've done.
And no reasons justified,
they never thought if what they do will make our dreams be gone.

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