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Crucify Mankind

Christ what a loss, you died on a cross
So the world and his wife could be saved,
Christ all that pain and you suffered in vain
For the world and his wife are depraved.

Christ you should know, you reap what you sow
And we planted the seeds of destruction,
Christ we are bad, I bet you are sad
That war is our finest construction?

We kill in your name, to us its a game
Atomic soldiers, airmen and all,
We hunt and rape, anyone any shape
Mushroom clouds may rise as we fall.

We steal and plunder, Christ its a wonder
There is anything left that is pure,
We foul the air, everything thats fair
Only death in our lives can be sure.

We jail and ban anyone, any man
Whose beliefs are different to ours,
We condemn and complain, seek wealth and gain
Our leaders want to be super powers.

So man has failed and Jesus was nailed
They tortured his body and mind,
So please don't wait, we deserve our fate
Good god crucify this mankind.

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Man this has got a deep message and gives food for thought. I thank GOD that in spite of the evil of mankind He sent His Son to die in our place although we fully deserved death. This poem deserves a 10++++++++++ Whoever gave you a 9 is missing the whoLE gist of the message. I want to see you at the top of the ratings WELL DONE
Thats deep, and very true. A good poem all together.