Cruel Destiny

If mortal feelings, had true colors?
If they could hide, in the abyss?
How could I've touched suppressive thoughts?
When they survive, in what's surreal.

Again, I've suffered, in banished fate.
Again, in mere existence, in time and space,
To live in limbo, is to die awake!
I'll but exist, await the day!

Like, the fly, that waits, the spider's web.
Like, a ripped mango, waits the fall.
Like, the tragic Operas, of yesterday.
Like, the old man's vision, fades.

If destiny, dealt life's raw hand!
If hurt, could be the joker's wild!
If cruel, could be four of a kind!
Then destiny, has dealt, my gracious sorrow!

by Carlos C. Torres

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