Cruel Eyes

The eyes to the soul are the mirror with those words I could not disagree
I only see cruelness and hardness in those eyes that are staring at me,
The bloke who sits and drinks at the pub counter why does he keep glaring my way
Does he mistake me for somebody who to him has some debt to pay?

Perhaps to him I should start talking though that may not be a good idea
That bloke sitting at the pub counter in him ill intent I can see
His cold angry eyes at me staring though him I have not seen before
Perhaps I should make a run for it and quickly bolt out through the door?

Joe and Jack my mates have arrived I feel safer with them around
If he should attack me in their presence I know they will drag him to ground
I have never felt so glad to see them though at me he doesn't cease to stare
His cruel eyes they do look so scary of danger I'm all too aware.

He finishes his drink and leaves the bar room the sigh I give one of relief
My right hand that holds the glass it is shaking not that unlike a windblown leaf
And as I walk home from the bar room I feel paralysed by my fear
Those cruel eyes everywhere around me to me they keep hovering near.

I've never felt so scared in my life or is it a waking nightmare?
Those cruel eyes they hover around me I seem to see them everywhere
Or did I have one drink too many or has paranoia got to me
Those eyes on a face in the bar room are all that I now seem to see?

I see them in my bedroom window I pull the clothes over my head
And everywhere I go they follow and they follow me even to bed,
They followed me home from the bar room and from them I can't get away
And those cruel eyes are my waking nightmare around me they hover and stay.

by Francis Duggan

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