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Cruel Jest

How could I possibly
In my right mind and conscience
Bring another person into existence
Fully knowing the environment they will be forced to eek out a survival in
In my lifetime
Let alone theirs
I will see the end of glaciers
I will witness the change of ocean currents
The melt of the poles
I will watch as rainforests are decimated
Fuel reserves depleted
Drinking wells tainted
Toxins spewed into the atmosphere at accelerating rates
The permafrosts will thaw
Overpopulation will snowball
Shortages will dominate the political spectrum
We won't be fighting wars over oil
We'll be fighting over food
Over water
Over breathable air
Bring a life into this fate?
A helpless child?
You're joking right?

by Mike Smiff

Comments (3)

Mike, this really puts the truth home. Here i am bugging my only son for a grandchild- and not even taking the world (right now) into consideration! We are living in a horrific mess of destruction-most all man made-and it seems that no one even cares, although know that isn't true. Just dealing with lead and other nasty stuff in our water-fracking-here, in OK, CA and who knows where else-and the earth quakes-that is causing...just a small mention of the kind of crap that continues on. Never mind the Chem Trails, the Nuclear water of the Pacific after effects of the Japan accident and the thyroid cancer it seems to be causing....and no one is talking about- -well, i have gone on way too long! Thanks for sharing an absolute truth as heart breaking as it is.
True, we have done a lot of damage to this planet, and yet, I incline to believe that Nature has its mysterious way to recover itself, as Oil does too - contrary to what we have been told. When the Political Game will be over, a New Life shall rise.
It is a thing that crosses my mind, and I have 6 kids. I'm kinda glad my goofy parents went ahead and made me. (simple math lends a fairly high probability that conception date was April fools day) This doesn't always hold true though. This world is all but doomed.