Cruel Joke

Was it just a cruel joke
or did you feel the same?
How could you kill a grown man's soul?
Why did you play this game?

He says he'd still forgive you.
I pray he NEVER will.
No matter how much pain you've felt,

I hope you carry the torture
with you for all your days.
I hope your life is MISERABLE
just like you wanted Ray's.

They say that God will punish
and make you feel the shame.
For what you've done was heartless
and there's ONLY YOU TO BLAME!

by Mary Nagy

Comments (9)

wow where I come from we call some one like that a (BITCH) no offence to any ladys out there but she is another good one Super
I''m increasingly taken that your powerful emotions are expressed so vividly and within such a flowing structure. Superb.
Wow, Mary, I'm shocked - some strong words for you. Deep breath...exhale. :) Isn't poetry therapeutic? And it's free!
This is about a woman that married my brother after convincing him it would be lasted around 3 weeks. She just decided she 'couldn't do it'. To me, this is cruel. My other poem 'To Ray and Chris' was what I wrote for them when he told me they were getting married...................Mary
Hey Mary this is very strong and says it how it is
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