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Cruel Sun
DM (9-17-79 / Texas)

Cruel Sun

Poem By Derek McCasland

Awoke this 'morn
To find I'd been born;
Innocence broken
And oh so forlorn.

Awoke to the light
That seared through the night;
Chasing off shadows,
And blinding my sight.

My skin now ripping,
The rays now stripping;
Punished for boldness
And for not quitting.

I scream as I run,
From myself that I've found;
That self that I shun.

Wings of wax slip off
That carried me aloft,
Smoke from my hair...
I choke and I cough.

Cruel sun blinds me...
No, don't set me free...
Don't shine upon truths
That I don't wish to see.

Laid naked and bare,
No one...No where...
Give back the night;
This is oh so unfair.

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