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Cruel Twist Of Fate
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Cruel Twist Of Fate

How cruel is fate?
Allowing me to know you
To feel your heart, to cup your pain
To pick you up when you fall down
To speak with you for endless hours
But not permitting us to meet?

How ironic is this tale?
A veritable 'You've got mail'!
Spirits twisting in a vortex of time
Reaching out, exploding minds
A case of 'another time, another place'
If only I could feel your face.

And smell the perfume of your soul
I'd sing for you, your strings would dance
I promise you, you'd find your voice
We'd frollick upon the sands and then
Fall into a crumpled laughing heap
But I fear this incline is way too steep

How sad is the hand that's dealt
To dreamers and lovers, parted
The stars hold no merriment
The rainbow's colours are dulled
I want to share the sunrise with you
And nights of stormy passion

Instead the wait is everlasting
Moments of contact cherished like gems
Love pouring down the cyber wires
When all I really need my dear is just
Oh just to hold you for one second
And drink your beauty in....

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Comments (5)

...welcome Michelle, you've made an immediate impression, well done indeed
An eloquent, elegant piece that invokes all the reader's sense.... sublime to read. t x
I can feel this one Em and it's written so beautifully.........you know my take on it...that sometime we just have to wait and believe that something in 'fate' will turn the key and see and meet our need........this is another that touches the heartstrings of many..............marci :)
Michelle, a grand and insightful work indeed. Excellently rendered.
Ohh how I feel for you, you and your lover cleft in two, by cyberspace that's joining you, but not the way you want it to! Love form David, GREAT poem.