(3/9/48 / woking surrey)

Cruise Blues

I can't wait for another cruise
And put on my black shiny shoes
And eat three meals a day
And mix with the social decay

I can't wait for another cruise
And see my my mates MBE
And have some chips for tea
Look at loads of rolling blue sea

I can't wait for another cruise
So I can fight to get in a lift
And walk up and down sixteen floors
Each day to get fit

I can't wait to see my Iwaiter mates
Hilariously putting food on my plates
As I munch away in fits
And once more I'm stoned on drink

I can't wait to get on shore
To a visit a gift shop bore
A coffea shop and another cake
Christ give me. Break

I can't wait for the flight home
Crushed in a seat my legs moan
A squeeze to the toilet zone
A fight to pee alone

And now at last im home
A suitcase crowd get on my case
Finally get to the car park zone
I need another weeks rest at home

by Stuart Munro

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