HM (01-01-1989 / Chittagong)

Crunch Time

There is something tantalizing about being tortured
Something surreal; Christ-like and satisfying
Even oddly terrifying…
To have your skin peeled,
Your fingernails plucked,
Your arms and legs severed,
Your spirit sucked,
Your breasts hammered,
Your eyes pried open,
Your orifices reamed,
As if you're strangled and choking!

Not like simulated masochistic sex
Where climax occurs before you are aghast…
Every moment surpasses orgasm in pain
Fear becomes inexorably ingrained.
Taser electrifying tremor
Turning hair white
Under pellucid lights
Shoots through the body
Like the wooden spears;
To teach you a lesson,
To keep you shut,
Tongue lashings bite-
Quiver of your lips
You are agonizingly shrunk
Into aching pieces and bits!

by Hasan Maruf

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