Early Spring (Italian Sonnet)

While the light of day does cease,
still outside many trees are blossoming
in the serene beauty of this early spring
but nature at this twilight has some peace

before the time of danger does increase
when nightly predators take to their wing
there is activity in the smallest nocturnal thing,
that hunts and feed and breeds with ease

as life comes to greatness in large and small
as every living thing is in a way special
in this time of new birth and change
and it’s as if the blessings of God fall on all
and even in things superficial
the entire world His hand does rearrange.

by Gert Strydom

Comments (2)

Well, thank goodness you explained the title so I didn't mortify myself in asking...a simply delightful and enchanting story Young Man....~~~marci.xo~~ :)
Kids don`t you just love them, they provide us with storys that last years...