(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)


Many years ago when my granddaughter was young,
her parents took to London
to see the animals in the zoo.
When she came home,
she was as excited as can be.
She then went around telling everyone what she saw.
There were monkeys and elephants,
tiger and lions, bats and snakes,
there were Kangaroos and wallaby’s,
and there was even had a crunchula too.
Everyone was curious about this thing called a crunchula,
whatever could it be?
My son on that said
she had trouble with her tees.
What she was trying to say was a tarantula.
Yet on the other hand if you trod it.
It would be a crunchula and not a tarantula.

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Well, thank goodness you explained the title so I didn't mortify myself in asking...a simply delightful and enchanting story Young Man....~~~marci.xo~~ :)
Kids don`t you just love them, they provide us with storys that last years...