Poem By Sandy Hiss

I want to blow kisses in your tomato
soup, watch as you bite into fish crackers
soaked in my crush.

But your lady may be a problem. Hand
her a fifty and ask her to get some
Chinese takeout–Hunan style. And don’t
forget the fortune cookies.

I love the thought of licking plum sauce
from your fingertips while you read ancient
proverbs made in China that tease with
predictions of travel to foreign lands.

I don’t have a passport but I love to fly.
Crammed into dark spaces with just my mind
and a wad of chewing gum in my mouth. Makes
for interesting conversation between sips
of hot generic coffee, melting innuendos
on my curious tongue.

Do you know how that feels?

No, I suppose not, since you never looked
my way. Silently sipping amour from your
lover’s gaze.

You like the way she tastes.

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