cry cry cry little one,
cry into the night,
for in darkness you stand alone,
no-one to hold you tight,

in solitude you cry alone,
you scream out all your fears,
but no-ones around, no-one hears,
your face is stained with all your tears,

you feel this agony over and over,
no-ones here to catch your fall,
no-one can see your pain,
no-ones here for you at all,

my face is oh so wet,
and as i open my eyes,
it was me i was talking to,
i didnt even realize,

it is me that is oh so alone,
for me no-one is there,
no-one at all to show they care,
no-one to calm all my fears,
and no-one at all to dry my sad tears.

by Sez Farr

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