Cry (A Poem For My Friends)

It's ok to cry sometimes
To let your heart win
It's ok to feel the pain pushed down deep within you
Cry it out, let it go

Cry because the one you loved
Has been cruelly snatched away
Cry because the time moves on
And you miss them every single day

Cry because you have a crush
And they dont feel the same
Cry because they'll never realise
How much they caused you pain

Cry because you can give up
Though you'll never win
Cry because it's hard sometimes
To always hold it in

Cry because it's ok
To recognize you're not alright
When your mind returns to haunt you
Every single night

Cry because some people
Will never understand
What you did was try to help
Offering you're outstreched hand

I cry because I love you
Great big happy tears
I cry because I miss you
More than I had feared

I am not ashamed to cry
My tears show I have lived
Tears are our release from pain
And proof our souls are true

I will always be here
To mop up all your tears
To say thanks
For mopping up mine

by Kat 'Happy Girl' Happy

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