Cry Against Mountain

Poem By Mark Adrian Adonay

Some in there there that has a cry,
Against the mountain high. Their voice
Sings for freedom. They are against the mountain.
I heard them, I heard them cried. Like the woods
At the still of the night as the wild grasses
Sway and sounded like a burning fire.
They cry against the mountain, for they are plain and low
They cannot see the light.Like a ground swollen
Under the great wide wall.
A mountain that made his feet above the plain
As he stand like a wall, against the living woods
That is beyond him. He that made the sun chained it's light
To gaze only to him, and not to the plain. He is the
Mountain that tied the blow of the winds and make
It not to pass through it. A mountain that made
The night more darker, blocking the moonlight.
How grievous is this mountain, caged in the cage
Of greediness, sited to the sit of boastfulness
And standing through the feet of cruelty.
And do not wonder why The plain is his enemy.
It is because there's nothing that love a mountain
Even so I. We are many, as the grass of the field;
It maybe not one body, but one voice. I have a cry against
The mountain, I will fight for the truth;
Like what the other failed of fighting for. We are the trees
Of the plain that labors, and gave it's fruits
That we bare and labored for. You are the high that is
In your throne. And some lifted their faces of seeing you
Hoping for a bright tomorrow through your hands
As they trust and believe in you. Oh Mountain,
What have you done? This is your own land,
If you're sitting on your throne, why don't you stand up
For a while to see how them that is beyond of you
And to see all that suffers? Look to the trees on the plain
Beyond you that labors, Like seeds that were planted
On the stony ground, Like horses that are travelling
In the land of thorns, and sheep that was lost away
From the green pastures.

Some in there that has a cry against mountain,
That wants it away, that wants it down.
How they want it to become plain.
That all of us may be low, low as the plain, lowly and
Humble to each other. Let all, all of us
Dwell in plain.

Let there be no more cry against mountain.

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