MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Cry Baby

I am not your pillar of stone
Even though u need me to drive
I am not the one to cry too
And u wonder why I get high

So, I am the only man who will hear u cry
Becoz everyone else is tired of your tears
Well maybe its becoz u've been crying
For too many fuckin' years

So u've given up on life
And u expect me to respect you
I thought u were older and wiser
But the truth is you have no clue

So u want to hide in your rich palace
With your new spanish queen
U hang on a wall like a painting
U are cold and lifeless like ur big printer machine

So u think u can hide
With that disguise u wear on ur head
Do u sometimes wish u can live in darkness
Like your brother who is forgotten and dead

Are u afraid of the problems u face
Would u rather talk about Saint Rita
Are u so shattered by your first love
Becoz deep down inside u realize u need her

Can't face the fact that she is gone
Is it hard to carry on in life
Don't think u can hide in your fancy neighborhood
With a bottle of Greygoose as your wife

So u try and escape while watching the Rangers
But your heart is as cold as ice
U buried one brother so I guess u can bury another
I hope it was worth the price

U never gave a shit anyway Ranger Man
I was the one who had to reach out
I made u a Godfather
But now I have my doubts

Why dont u hear mommies cries for awhile
See if u can deal with mom's tears
U'll cancel your cell phone eventually
Becoz u never could hear

But u had the right idea all along
Why would u want to be part of the problem
U would much rather ignore your troubles
But is that the best way to solve em

But I think I'll try it your way
See how life is without Big Brother
But don't forget your big box of tissues
To wipe away the tears of your crybaby mother

by Mr. Poetic

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