EF (09/23/83 / North Carolina)

Cry For Help

What happened?
What happened to that
little girl who had her
innocence ripped from
her at a young age.

Whose mother left
her at home time and
time again with a
sexual predator who
turned out to be a
child molester.

She fought endless battles
to get away from that
demon but to her defeat
was the answer.

She thought that what was
being done to her was
right so she never put
up a fight.

She used to cry and cry
wishing she was dead and
hoping her mother would
come to her rescue realizing
she never would.

The nightly visits became far
and few between but what
was left was a little girl
scarred for life wishing
she could drift apart
from this reality.

Now this little girl grew up
to be a good woman with many
flaws until she realized that
noone was there to answer
her calls.

All through her college years she
made many mistakes hoping
that someone could help her fate.

At night she was tormented through
her dreams, waking up crying and
sweating, hoping that she could drift
away from the pain.

In her mind she felt all
alone knowing that she
had help coming from
someone so strong.

Noone was there by her side
to hold her hand so she tried
to end it all with just one plan.

She was on the verge of a
meltdown cause there was
no one to be found.

Time and time again she
often prayed that God would
show her the light but there
was to much darkness
surrounding her might.

So she stopped believing in
God cause he wasn't there
to protect her from afar.

So the night she wanted to
bring it all to an end someone
stopped her that she called

He said 'don't end it this way,
just open your ears to hear
the sweet melody of my father
who is near.'

So she put down the object
that was about to end her
life forever and opened her
ears to hear something so clever.

He said, ' my child don't make
this silly mistake, because I
have so much planned for
your sake.'

'All you have to do is give me
your pain and fears so I
can wipe away all your tears.'

'Cause I am the creator of
heaven and earth and with me
you can have a rebirth.'

So this little girl who was
now a woman took heed to
'his' advice and now she
doesn't have to think twice
about the night when she
was gonna end her life
with just one slice.

So if you ever wonder what
happened to that little girl
who cried for help and
didn't know what to do,
just look at the person who
gave this to YOU! !

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