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Cry For Me

Sit in bed,
rest your head.
Dry your eyes,
and wait to die.
You broke my heart,
and I returned the favour.
How does the hurt taste on your tongue,
what is the flavour?
I'm telling you,
don't bite your tongue.
Sing your song,
and I'll sing along.
There was hurt,
but now you see.
We can get over it,
together we can be.
You just have to believe.
Cry for me,
my useless love.
Cry for me,
for the broken dove.
Cry for the wilted rose,
the abandoned child,
the hurt that I felt,
the victim in the wild.
Cry for me,
as I cried for you.
Now that you see,
what will you do?

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Pablo Neruda

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

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