SG (2nd October / London)

Cry For Me

Cry for me, please cry for me,
I want you to feel hurt,
I want the pain to dig at you,
And make you feel like dirt

I hope your dreams are nightmares,
And all your days are bad,
I hope you’re never satisfied,
Just always feeling sad

I want you to feel miserable,
And never feel happy,
But most of all, in place of this,
I want you to want me.

by Scarborough Gypsy

Comments (12)

Oh memories of the past, I too was there at one time. I'm so glad I grew up and realized this emotion was just a waste of time. We should enjoy any time that we had in a loving relationship and when things change and it no longer exists at least we can be grateful that it ever happened. You show a very true picture of the feelings of many. Excellent poem---Melvina---
This poem evokes an urge for me to cry. Though my tears would not be for you. They are for me. You have awaken a beast within me with this emotion-laden piece. I am with you as many could testify as well, the same. I am, and have been in this very place before. It can sometime feel like an old shoe and at others, like a shard of glass cutting across your heart. This poem was most powerful and your ability to capture so well the pain on paper is truly a talent.
Been there, done that, and misery loves company. Keep writing, however. It eases the pain.
Ouch broken hearts suck! What is that all about wanting to hurt someone you once (and sometimes still do) loved! ? Felt the same myself, Moyaxx
I love it, I feel like that too sometimes! A great piece of work! Elya Thorn
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