Cry For You

Poem By Lenore Lee

Your eyes are glistening with unshed tears
I've watched you grow through all these years
I can't comfort you, I don't know how
Though I wish to stop your pain right now
You're tears are refused their right to shed
Your thoughts are locked inside your head

You are imprisoning all of your emotions
I watch you just going through the motions
Water from my eyes begins to dropp
Because I can't make your pain stop
You won't show weakness, you'd prefer to be dead
So during your pain, your tears for you I'll shed

Comments about Cry For You

Lenore, you are so very talented and this poem represents your born talent, given by God for you to share with all of us. This poem is very beautiful and so very true. Yes, it is all inside always there, I can see it in you. Love and Light. Kasia
A very beautiful touching poem, through all what you wrote, I like this most, I love it.
It was indeed very insightful and very realistic... I can relate to this poem in such a personal way it's just unreal.... brilliant job! !
Very insightful, love it! Thank you for sharing..
I love this poem, often someone needs the one whom can cry the tears they cannot. beautiful writing.

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