Cry In The Night!

I cry in the night but no one hears! I cry to
release myself from the pain that has developed into tears.
I cry sometimes because things aren't right! But most of the time when I cry, I cry at night
In the night is when I'm very lonely, because
there is only one! In the night I cry to release
my fears. In the night I cry so many tears. I cry
because afterwards I feel so much relief, I
cry sometimes to release my grief. They say that crying is good for the soul,
I've been crying since I was young and I guess
I'll be crying when I become old! There comes a time when we all must cry, so we
can release ourselves from the pain inside
so crying is a good thing not bad, after the tears
have flowed we turn from sad to glad.
So let me cry to release my pain, so I can go on
with daily life and live again!

by Be' Ver Lee Houston

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