Cry Myself To Sleep

Poem By Amber Millar

Cry myself to sleep,
Nearly every night,
Smudges on my pillow,
No one's listening,
No one's caring anymore,
All because of her,
My best friend,
The one I thought I could count on always,
The one who always made me laugh,
Who gave me hugs,
Who laughed at my jokes,
And listened when I ramble on about the same old rubbish,
Who could look me in the eye and tell me that she would always be there for me,
Always and forever,
But she broke her promise,
Now I can see her eyes that the bond is gone,
So short-lived,
Such good times,
In the past,
But the future seems bleak and dull without her,
The colour in my life,
I'm all alone now,
And I'll cry myself to sleep again,
With smudges on my pillow,
With tears running down my face,
So lonely,
So alone.

Comments about Cry Myself To Sleep

another amazing poem.........
i like it-ur a very good writer
a nice poem amber well thought out worth 10.......

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