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Cry Myself To Sleep
PF (03/01/90 / Knebworth, Hertz)

Cry Myself To Sleep

The feeling of weakness
That catches you unaware
When the thought of tomorrow make you sick
And the thought of life breaks your sanity

The feeling that makes you hate happiness
When you pretend to be it just to please them
And every empty word you say
Makes you fill with a blinding pain

When every high that cracks your face
Is followed by a shattering low
And cracks your face all over again
With a frown that shakes your world

When every tear that falls
On the nameless open book
Blurs the words inside your head
And smothers the glow deep in your eyes

When no one seems to listen
Or notice you at all
And you talk some mindless idiocy
With a lie to keep them happy

When your heart has no more tears
And the warmth has left your cheeks
And you collapse from exhaustion
Like when you were a child

When you’re so choked up
You wont talk to your soul
You can't console yourself
The way you once did

When you can breathe again
When the hysteria’s spent
And you curl up alone
In a tattered heap

When your head is broken
And aching with unhappiness
Your head in your palms
And cold from the ache

When the hollow shards of painful life
Are echoing round your shredded mind
Smashing through each blissful thought
Once glistening through your eyes

And when the tear shed stops
And the eyelids roll in vain
Then you entwine your body and sheets
And you cry yourself to sleep

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