Cry Of An Orphan

Almost always I wonder
Why my mind often wander
Searching for my caring mother
As well as my loving Father,
For now, I'm but a beggar
And a slave to Mr. Hunger.

When Death, the wicked foreman
Sent his serviceable boatman-
Or maybe he was a horseman,
To take away the only woman,
Yet, left me with no man
And reduces me to an orphan.

The world I know is a stage
But mine is nothing but a cage.
This is what I fine so strange
In this early pages of my age,
I have lost all in my teenage
And now my home is the orphanage.

'tis for this I always cry
For my parents aren't nigh.
Even when I call, who will reply.
Oh! God please lead my way
To you alone I humbly pray
That you dry my tears today.

by Daniel Kuetsinya

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