KK (09 Jan / Chennai)

Cry Of Mother Earth

I feel I am in a dungeon, enclosed by iron bars
Why are you punishing me for the good deeds that I have done?
I am the only planet that bolsters life
I am your mother, you all my children
Hence I endure the incurred pain
Not letting the tears slither, I conceal them
The sky sometimes is compassionate and weeps for me
But I do not let even a word to escape

I was once untarnished and thriving, the second paradise
A lovely flourishing planet, the dream of one and all
Now I have been tainted and blemished by the mankind
There is pollution and corruption making me sick
Global warming burns my soul, it aches all over
My tears have frozen, they no longer emerge
I am in a horrendous pain, so I am speaking out
I hope at least my words would bring about a change

Lend a hand
Be my savior
Act before it is too late

Oh children please emancipate me from this hell….

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