FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

Cry Petey, I See Bards Rounding The Bend

Cry we all toward places unnamed
Rise above the crested hills

Yell we will - shattering door frames
Plundering thoughts of plovered wills

Tear at the wallpaper - reveal the grain
Ink the slate - etched by wound-dipped quills

Crouch, prowl - ready to pounce on game
Brandishing swords, blaring trumpets shrill

Arching backs, phosphorescent wicks aflame
Ridding netted fish of scales and smelly gills

Driving forward, driven onward - scourging rain

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The images and the soft tone in which they are painted shall remain in heart, embeded.
a great poem from a veteran poet me like........ ....a lot 'scourging rain'.........whoa!