Cry's In The Night

Listen my children to the cries in the night
As the angel of darkness awakens and takes flight
A fresh soul he hunts to him no one is safe
The last thing you’ll hear are the wings of the wraith

Scream as you might but no one will hear
For his aphrodisiac is the smell of your fear
Talons sink in as he takes flight into the night air
Clutching your body tight as he heads toward his lair

As the shock sets in and your life slowly begins to fade to gray
You begin to pray to a god you’ve somehow always pushed away
Wishing this night was over and that it all too soon would end
When you suddenly realize it’s much too late for that my friend

You begin to come too slowly as you think this was all a dream
Bound to a pole and unable to move you suddenly begin to scream
As you feel his razor sharp teeth slowly stripping your flesh away
With every tug and pull you feel your skin begin to fray

Oh god you mutter please make this stop please make it go away
As he drags his talon across your throat your blood begins to spray
As you feel the life within you drain you become and empty shell
Only memories of darkness remain as you awaken from this hell

You slowly regain consciousness in a bed all bound in white
As you lay there unable to move or speak just staring at the light
You hear a muffled voice say I’ve never seen anyone burnt like this
As the heart monitor slowly flat lines and your spirit ceases to exist

by Poison 9901

Comments (2)

I am glad I got time to read this, very powerful punch at the end!
Your poem definitely paints a picture of doom and gloom to a person that lost their way, never asking for the presence of the Lord, then calling out when it's too late. I wonder though is it ever really too late to call on God. I think if one denouces the beast in the name of the Lord, his actions would cease. Why take that chance and allow oneself to fall so far that their is a possibility of being too late. We can call in the light and unload the dark, afterall darkness is the absence of light. Another wonderful poem Poison, definitely a good read and should exceed a (10) --Melvina--