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When you are laying on the pillow
And tears running among your cheek
It's just bad passing emotions
But it doesn't mean you are weak

But when it happens everyday
Not just a day a week
Nothing to do, except to pray..
It can't be just bad passing emotions

We sometimes show emotions in different ways
And we often lose control
We cry on memories past
In our heart and inside our souls

Death stole my only love,
It didn't let me say goodbye.
So in this world that killed you,
I sit alone and cry..

Nowadays my head lies on the pillow
Seconds, my pillow is washed
By the flow of my tears
(Its like the sound of running water)
Clearly heard by my ears

I try to close my eyes and sleep
But her face is haunting my dreams
I feel by which we are apart
I'm broken, that's what it seems

I move a lot and turn
I know I will not sleep
I am sure you know I am thinking of you
That's the truth I'll ever keep

I sit up smoothly and slowly
I pull my sheet with my hands
Why have you leaved my here?
I cannot understand..

I get up, stand in the dark window
The night seems so quite
And it's just like June
Its actually June I think so
Are you returning soon?
(Since you left, dates I never will know)
I know the answer, its just a sure NO

So I lay on my bed once more
Just staring ahead
Now, my heart starts beating
My brother -while sleeping- could feel that

I suddenly feel a lovely pleasure
And my feelings are right
As I remember that beutiful angel
God had sent with delight

She has got some magic in those eyes
One look is enough, like the bird my heart flies
It seems a star is walking down on this earth
Shining gracefully to take away my breath

I think of giving a flower to her, hour after hour
Then I wonder, how can I give a flower to a flower
What should I give to let her know my feeling
I can't give my heart, which she is already stealing

See how she changed my life? I'll leave you to comment
For my everlasting love, I never want to end
Now I could sleep on my wet pillow
Comfortably, I'll just lie my head..

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