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Crying: '(
SD (march 1,1993 / Virginia beach, va)

Crying: '(

Poem By Shayla DeWitt

the room is dark
you can hear a voice
a voice whimpering and gasping for air
as you walk deeper into the room
the lights slowly come on
you see a little girl in the corner
[[who]] is this little girl[[? ]]
[[why]] is she laying there[[? ]]

you can hear the cry get louder as you approach her
you can see bruises
and trickles of blood
but fromthe looks of the surroundings
it seems as if it is a dream
she is still crying

you want to help
but you feel helpless
you need to help
but it's impossible

you pick her up
and look at her face
only to realize
it is someone youve known for a long time
someone you see everyday

you take her into the light
you examine her face
just to realize that the girl who was crying
the girl who was beaten half to death
was your very

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