Crying Candle

Candle, how brightly you burn
how much I yearn
for your couloured spirit.
Your flickering flames
dance long into the dark night.
Your smooth red slender body,
with pride stands upon the table.

Yet what is this before me,
Your smooth slender body,
has softened and your
walls have opened.
Candle you are crying
Red tears of despair.
To long have you burnt.

A beautiful body,
now melting into a mishapen mess.
Even your dancing spirit,
flickers in weakness.
Your Tears trickle down
past your bumps and grooves,
like a river down a moutain side.

Sacrificed for sight,
melting in the night.
You shall sleep now,
Never to wake the same
for you have burnt and danced to long.

by Not Long Left

Comments (1)

Wonderful image. Love the wording, for you have burnt and danced too long. Regards Patricia