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Crying For No Tears
MC ( / New Jersey)

Crying For No Tears

Poem By Mr. Cheese

No one knows why I cry
But then again no one knows that I cry
I don't like to cry
So when everyone is away and it's dark, I cry

I cry in the dark because I can't in the light
I have to stay strong and represent strength and the light
Light that there is hope, and that there really is a light
So in the dark I cry and dry my tears, before comes the light

My tears are a mere reflection of my sorrow
How the past, the present, and maybe future are my sorrow
A lot of mistakes turned tears, are my sorrow
Friends, family, and situation, are my sorrow

None of these right now, I can change
But being strong is my change
And keeping others strong, is my change
Hoping that one day no more tears, will be my change

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