We fight all day
Cry all night
Love one day
Hate the next fight
Cursing and throwing
Spitting for grief
Love me till I bleed.

Chest pains and confussions
Headaches and stress
Remain to be this lonely day.

You lost me, astonished, you looked for me
Knowing I wasn't to be seen
My presence is a 'ghost'
I guess will see who holds the most.

Lieing to myself
Hating that I want you still for me
I give gracefully giving you a kiss
Why forgiveness and not the final break
Just because I love that face

Morning till night he'll protect me
Forgive me, when I'm wrong
He'll die for me and give me all.
He'll love me, and write me a song.

Yet I hate him for leaving me there
Crying lonely he didn't care
Cursing losing breath
I want him more every day.

How can I lie,
Should I pull a fast one
Say I don't care
Yet, I dont dare.

Hold me, hug me, don't let me go,
Promise me we'll one day have a home
Children and grandkids
My cat and my dog
I want it all.

Cathedral and lots of rice
Dresses on a white night
My slippers all in pink
My husband really loves me

I love this day
I want this day
I hope I get this day
....One day...

11: 07p 1/6/05

by Juan Padilla

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