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Crystal And Juan
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Crystal And Juan

They fight all day
Cry all night
Love one day
Hate the next fight night
They're lieing and try to compete
They haven't shown no grief
Love to they bleed.

Illusions and screaming
Their talking with no sense
Damn, they got separated again.

They're lost I was there,
They both act by reflex
They really care.

Look, Crystal and Juan together again
I'm not amazed
I was right, they are a pair
Forgiveness, they kissed
I hope life treats them well.

They try to laugh
Enjoy to coupe
They take a grasp
I hope they don't let go.

Yet they hate each other
For fighting those nights
They both cry,
Constant change erupts.

They act, confused
Avoiding one another
Silly little ones
Again, they're back for another.

Their holding, kissing, they don't wanna let go
They promised on vowels for a happy home
Children and grandkids
One dog and one cat
A peaceful family at last.

Beer and free lunch
A kid running around me
They're both wearing pink
Their both really lovely

I like that day
I want that day
I'll pray for that day
....One day.....

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