Crystal Ball

Gazing into the depths of clarity -
Waiting for the answer.............
Do I want to know the truth?
Would I rather exist in ignorance?

by Linda Ori Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Very well done! The very human experience of uncertainty nicely exposed.
Ah, how much knowledge would we really want? If we fully knew and understood every person we turned our minds or eyes upon would we be happier? Would we then want to know every detail of the future too? A fine insightful look into one of the big issues in love. Quality poetry and thinking as always Linda. xx jim
How can anyone ever know the mind of another? Your fragile poem depicts a situation where the answer would be of great importance but very difficult to obtain. We can all identify.
Poems from experience always have extra shine. This one shines, Linda and communicates predicament very skillfully. Do you really want the crystal ball, though? Surely the mystery is also part of the game? love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
We all wish there were personalised Crystal Balls..... what with so many questions in our lives as are there in your poetry! ! A very aptly written poem on the theme and neatly placed words.
MIDNIGHT...Choice & Destiny have a Nexus...That is what we need the Crystal Ball for...Great Piece...Finely Crafted Work'''''''''''''''FRANK
Wanting to know and see the chance of life, well done!