RL ( / Okinawa)

Crystal Melody

I see that look
And I know I should be
The one more in your life
To turn and leave

The air has a sharp edge
The prisms in your eyes
Flash a coldness
That keeps others at bay

And I'll admit
There's times I could
Easily slip inside myself
To find my own warmth

But there's something
About your crystal melody
That draws me near...
Transluscent, water clear

And that's when
The brightness
Comes out of hiding
And you lead me
Towards a melting

It's a first for you
The hold is tight
And I understand
Letting go of the edge
Is like falling towards pain

But there's something
About your crystal melody
There's a warmth in the cold
And it draws me near

You think I can't see
Your story
But I am your story
The story that comes from
Your crystal melody

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