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Crystal Meth Lead Me To My Death

Im tired as f#$k and groggy as hell
but it always puts me in a magical spell
magical sensations spark me all up
like a car that just got jumped
electrical current making me so wired
starting to get hot like my bodys on fire
feeling so numb in reality im becoming so dumb
i know its bad when i search for the crumbs
just to get that little rush
i get the straw and start to crush
that beautiful burning is all i feel
this sh#ts the real deal
line after line after line
my minds feelin so fine
i dont notice the time
i dont care about the crime
finally its not the same i need to step up the game
get a 40 from whats his name it almost puts me to shame
im out of money nothing else to do except wait it out
my bodys exhausted and my mouth feels like a drought
i wanna sleep but i know i cant
more more more is all i rant
body wasting away face sucken in
bags under my eyes but thats not even where it begins
never hungry but my sromach growls
need more sh! t is what my mind howls
it gets worse just my luck
i start becoming paraoid as f#ck
always seeing things that arent there
turn the lights off if i dare
shadow people come out to play
terrorized i dont want them to stay
but once i sleep theyll go away
but itll get worse if im up for days
i start to feel like im in a haze
developing ugly things on my face
always feeling outa place
i start to feel like my lifes a disgrace
i want to quit but i feel so restricted
never once realizing i was becoming addicted
always hiding it in a disguise
but now i see right through my lies
im tired of living like this
im becoming so p! ssed
im just one person no one would ever miss
only one thought is on my mind
i wanna die from suicide
starting the bath i let the water run
in my eyes my life is done
its no time for fun
i grab the razor and let the blood run
cutting deeper into my vein
im so hollow theres no pain
the waters becoming red
few more minutes and ill be dead
i begin to wonder what would of happened if i never used meth instead
i laugh just thinking at where this has lead
unconcuiously i begin to fade
still holding onto the razor blade
and just like that i am dead
my wrist still bloody where the blood had bled...
i finally understand how u can love and hate something at the same time...
take my advice and dont ever follow my rhyme
or it could end up being u next time
live by meth and ull die by meth
every drug eventually leads u to ur death

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Damn..did u write that ur self?