Crystal, Pearl And Dreams

it can be sapphire
it can be ruby
it can be pearl
it can be a diamond
or even a humble quartz
you pick in your garden
it can also be a cat's eye
oh what a name?
why should it monopolise
the eye?
anger of every stone

from my contacts
all gemstones are eyes
eyes to dreams
next world, future..whatever

there are stories
in the glitters
the stone dies to tell
stories in all their facets

gemstones are theatres
theatres that show so many
of my alter egos or could it be me of another lifetime,
or films (vibrations)
left behind by some wondrous souls that start reeling in my mind as i sleep
with a chosen gem?

i had been a man, an
arab man, a woman, and
a maze of other characters
that still float in
my conscious state
glitter with the gemstones

now, now i fear
i fear when i die
i might be trapped in stones
and live through another
alter ego

now, now i am also delighted
of possibilities
if lucky, i might be born
into the world
through a woman who has me
in her finger

gemstones glitter - to endear themselves - to woman in all their fiery facets
and dreams

they are courting women
with all their wild intentions

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (2)

a brilliant poem from a thousand poem club member good stuff john AJS
All us ladies love a diamond John, and this is a diamond of a poem. What a wonderful way of viewing our past lives, if indeed we have them. I certainly think this existence is linked to past life experiences. Otherwise why? springs to mind. 10 from Tai, medieval in essence,