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Cuckoo Didn'T Sing Today

Cuckoo sung yesterday
A beautiful little song
The clouds remained
White they were
Like cotton balls
Eager earth still dry

I waited For the showers
I knew it will come
If i wished it hard enough
It can't stay away
How can it?
Didn't the cuckoo promise
Didn't it say?

Cuckoo sung yesterday....

alas, it didn't rain
All my efforts were in vain
How much is enough anyways?
I tell my tears,
As I hold them at bay
Cuckoo didn't sing
Why then they, to my lids cling?

You are not gonna come too
I wish I had a clue
why Cuckoo didn't sing today
why did it rain?
Really insane!
Must be the sheering pain....

Cuckoo didn't sing today

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