-·=»‡«=·-Look Into The Eyes Of God-·=»‡«=·-

I remain embraced within the locked wings
Of my Beloved Master.
Held in the arms of Christ
throughout this lifetime disaster,
Listening to His symphony of creation
Beholding the hidden wondrous vision.

Yet, not oblivious to all of you
I watch your movements with a single eye.
I behold you with mothering tenderness
As you walk with life through the tall grass
Smelling the crimson rose with delight
Attempting to give your all throughtout this constant plight!

When the blush of love brings you pleasure
I feel you caressed with an enfolding breeze.
To relieve your worries and fears,
distant from the world's touch~infinitely apart,
You will be enwrapped in the sun's warmth
When the chill of lonliness strays into your heart.

When you gaze at the ocean wave
You'll look into the eyes of God, if you're brave
Unite with your Beloved on the altar
of the Horizon
Canopied with the silver rays of azure
Come into the warm, hazy sanctuary.
He shall not speak except through your reason,
Not scold except through your conscience, regardless of season.
Be persuaded through the power of your Love
And your heart's longing to seek the Christ only
With the song of your Soul,
enjoy His Love alone.
All worries and fretts Be Gone!

Forget me watching if you will
But not my Beloved.
Oh' don't you see?
For in remembering Him - you cannot forget me!

by Kristin Nicole RothDavis

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Shows what can happen when giving a computer the job of reading Middle English!
this is NOT anonymous it is Shakespreare