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Culinary Fairytale
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Culinary Fairytale

Festering anger, sitting in a pot
simmering slowly, surface bubbles go pop!
Quietly blurping, suppressing its ooze
stays in the kettle while it stews.
Then temperature rises and contents move faster
spilling it over and ruining the past.
First burns the bottom, which starts to smell
then it thickens, turning to gel.
It's gloppy explosive bubbles erupt
scalding any object or person that's not
out of its way-
Continuing to sputter, it throws about
until most of its contents, are out.
Sides smoulder, smoke starts to rise
the odour is foul, it's burning your eyes.
Chest feels infected, it hurts to breath
and blisters erupt, where they caught debris.
''This is horrid'', you hear yourself say
when you catch a glimpse, of a doorway.
Through the cloud you instinctively go
reaching out for the knob, even before you are close.
It's flat, it's hard, hand moving around
then finally you feel, a steely round mound.
A turn to the right, it's moving away
first crack of light, a brilliant array
filtering through, billows of grey
streaming in arrows of conquering rays.
No longer confined to a most certain fate
you step forward, and away.
Instantly bathed in a clearness of light
you no longer have, an urge to fight.
Your body ceases, to pain
the sensation so sudden, seems strange.
Looking around, there is nothing to see
just endless forever in front of thee.
''Could I be?
Just moments ago I was in misery
but now I am happier than ever before
what could have happened, stepping through that door''?
No angel greets you
No harps playing song
Only echoing silence
You are alone-
Turning to the once opened door
it's disappeared, it is no more.
Searching for answers, there are no clues
what in the world has become of you?
''Wait, what was that''? A break in the silence.
Relief sucks you in, it draws your attention
to its hollow darkness.
Wet splashes fall upon your face
then a burning sensation, your whole body aches
while motion sways you, from side to side.
''There's sound! Wait it's ringing again''!
You know what it means, you understand.
''It's speaking, it's asking, ''are you alright'' ''?
''Who could this be''? You haven't the slightest.
Looking up into space, comes to focus
a face, whose gaze is puffy and red
from tears that were shed, when they thought you were dead.
Being rocked like a baby, slowly coming aware
that you're being cradled by someone who cares.
You try to distinguish the blur above
but all you can feel is intense pain and love.
''What happened...where am I'', you start to say
when the face now smiling says, ''shush, you're okay''.
''I found you here on the floor, your hand reaching out
toward that door.
I noticed you covered in blisters and sores
you must have been here, since the night before?
Somehow you managed, to hit your head
there was blood all over, I thought you were dead
but your mumbles assured me that you were alive
so I sat here and nursed you all day and all night.
Can I tell you something, now that you are okay?

Copyright ©2005

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Adrienne well done a great read flowing till the end, you held it together that takes talent, you made it true, i could feel the burn Regard's AJS
A fresh perspective and a funny verse