Cullen On Laitiarain Day

At their feis they have music and dancing on Laitiarain Day
In the Village of Cullen from here far away
From all over Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra and for miles around
The lovers of culture in Cullen are found.

On Laitiarain the pubs they are full all day and night long
In the Village of music and dance and sing song
In Cullen a place of cultural renown
Seven to eight miles at the most from old Millstreet Town.

So many old festivals the ways of time have gone
But Laitiarain Day in Cullen is still living on
Though nothing we are told in time seems to last
In Cullen the present is linked to the past.

A place where some fine Irish speakers reside
In Cullen in their history they take great pride
Their great Saint Laitiarain they still celebrate
Christainity in Ireland she even predate.

The young dancers dance as the musicians play
On the platforms in Cullen on Laitiarain Day
And though we all show our years since time does not lie
The legend of Laitiarain will never die.

by Francis Duggan

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